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Mary Laucks: Contemporary Abstract Painter

About the artist

Mary Laucks
I was born in northern California and then traveled and lived outside the US with my parents as a child. I have always loved to travel and especially as a young person I loved the mountains and the wilderness. I have drawn and painted all my life and have always been strongly attracted to colour. I spent many years in school - first studying philosophy, then studying physics, and finally completing my PhD in a specialized area of atmospheric chemistry having to do with climate change. I worked for seven years doing laboratory-based research at a university until I found the courage to move out of the academic rat-race. During that time I continued to do art - often in evening classes at the university and other art schools in the area. In 2006 I moved with my husband to our farm on Salt Spring Island and have been farming - growing fruit and vegetables for the community farmer's markets- since then. For three years starting in 2006 I took art classes and completed a certificate program at the Vancouver Island School of Art in Victoria, BC and have been painting continuously since then.

I have always enjoyed learning new things and so I see painting as a way to continue exploring the world around me. I love to find abstract design in the natural world and explore the way we "see" and how meaning becomes attached to our perception. I love colour and how juxtaposed colours interact - how layers of colour create depth and new colours. I love the shapes of fruit and vegetables, so their forms creep into my designs. I approach painting more as an experiment, so it is about what I find, not about me. I am always trying new techniques - new materials, new processes, new supports - always trying to break the rules of painting and push the boundaries of what is art.

Contact the artist by email: mlaucks@telus.net

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