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Untitled 1 - Texured paper image from Mary Laucks



Oct 1-31, 2018: ArtSpring Open Space, Salt Spring Island, BC



After a trip to the contemporary art museums in Paris in 2015, I was struck by the effect that size has on a painting. So this year I experimented with large paintings – "Stareway", "Through the Vanishing Point", "Bataclan", and "Chroma Flash" are all 5 ft x 5 ft – human size. All of them also play with colour and illusion. I feel that human size paintings have a presence beyond their content. See what you think! The smaller works on paper are studies of layered and textured surfaces with marks that may be meaningful or not. The marks contrast with the natural forms and imply language and symbols.The series, Arche I, II, and III, was inspired by the amazing collection of indigenous art at the Branly museum in Paris. Acrylic media was used for River of Life I, II, and III to make highly textured paintings with contrasting surfaces.

2016 ArtSpring show by Mary Laucks

2015 Jungle: Tangling with complexity

Oct 1 - 31, 2015: ArtSpring Open Space, Salt Spring Island, BC

This year I have continued to experiment with a process of layering and texturing acrylic paint to build complex surfaces that appear to have dimensionality and depth. Although my process is artificial, the painted surfaces begin to resemble natural surfaces because in some ways my process mimics natural processes like weathering, accretion, and growth. For the two paper series "Cerebral Archeology" and "Human Geology" I used thinner layers of acrylic medium and added other smaller marks to conform to the scale of the works. In "Innerscape I", "Innerscape II", and "Desert Solitaire" the marks are more pronounced and the media are thicker, but the process is similar.

2014 Vision Unframed: Painting Outside the Rectangle

November 1 - 30, 2014: ArtSpring Open Space, Salt Spring Island, BC

In the last year I have been exploring what it means to paint inside shapes that are not rectangular, and therefore do not follow conventional rules of composition. Composition within a non-rectangular frame is more complex because there is no one ratio of sides that defines the space of the painting. It was challenging and exciting to create designs that work in multiple orientations and have no reference to a rectangle. When you look at these pieces, ask yourself what effect the non-rectangular boundary has on the composition -- and enjoy the paintings!

Mary Laucks Entropy paintings at ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island November 2014
Photo Credit: Bob Rogers

Mary Laucks 2014 show in March at Art Spring on Salt Spring Island

March 17 - 31, 2014: "20/20 Vision"

ArtSpring Gallery, Salt Spring Island, BC

The two paintings, "Klein" and "D-Klein", were inspired by the mathematical idea of a Klein surface - a surface that cannot in fact exist in three dimensions. The "inside" of a Klein surface connects to the "outside" of its surface without a boundary or intersection, so its existence challenges the fundamental meaning of "connection".

See the two paintings Klein and DKlein

October 1-31, 2013: "Depth Perception"

ArtSpring Open Space, Salt Spring Island, BC

How do we perceive depth in a painting? In these paintings I explore alternatives to the traditional use of size and contrast (aerial perspective) to imitate depth on a flat surface. I use texture (both implied and material) and topography to provide the third dimension in the paintings.

Mary Laucks Show at ArtSpring in 2013 painting is titled Fractures

August 1- 31, 2012: "Chromatic Attractions"

ArtSpring Open Space, Salt Spring Island, BC

What happens at the interface between colours? How do colours form relationships to each other and what effects can be created when colours mix optically (as light passes between layers of thin paint)? When intense complementary colours are juxtaposed, a kind of optical vibration (or discord) can be set up between the colours. How can this be used to affect the perception of space and form and composition?

October 15 - November 30, 2011:

Capital Hill Hair Salon, Seattle, WA

2011 show by Mary Laucks

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